Custom CRM Solutions For Businesses

For any business to grow, you need to have a good Customer Relationship Management (CRM) software. According to the research performed by Nucleus Research in June of 2014, businesses get back $8.71 for every dollar they spend on developing a custom CRM solution for their business.

Everyone knows that sales are the lifeblood of any business. CRM software helps you keep track of customer’s and potential customer’s data so that you can easily follow-up and make sales. This makes it easier to maintain and track all the information you need to make sales quickly and effortlessly. It is a leverage over your competitors that all the required information you need to makes sales is available handy.

There are a lot of CRM programs available that are available for your business. However, not all CRM software is the same. Some CRM softwares are just a tad more than spreadsheets while others that are far more sophisticated and functional. While researching CRM options for your business, do keep in mind that CRMs can be used for a lot more than just sales and you can have a custom CRM solution built based on your requirements.

CRM Is More Than Just A Sales Toolcustom crm solution

CRM is more than just a sales tool. It is a software that can help your business run efficiently. Imagine this – CRM can make an informed decision based on data it has. This data can be then used in different departments of your business, like – human resource, supply chain, distribution, accounting and more. When all your business departments are operating under one source of data then it really helps you streamline the entire business flow and make the most informed decisions. This helps boost productivity, reduce economic waste, deliver good customer satisfaction and increase revenue.

With a multitude of CRM software now available in the market, it is very hard choosing the right one. Most businesses don’t even know where to start. The first thing you need before a CRM is a plan in place. You need a vision for what you want your CRM software to do for your business and how a CRM can be most beneficial for you. The CRM you choose should help actualize your vision most efficiently. You need to craft a vision statement, and then you need to get a CRM that helps you achieve that goal. You need to have a clear, actionable plan that will turn your vision into a reality. For instance – let’s say you want your business to be the market leader. Then, you need to have a strategy that offers better products, offers competitive pricing and provides robust customer support. Custom Relationship Management (CRM) Software can help you to keep a measure of those metrics and achieve your goals. Your CRM should be able to help create and track goals that align with your corporate vision.

Executives of the company should be especially interested in integrating CRM applications into their business. This will help them track metrics that are most important to measure the company’s growth. CRM program will track and display metrics which will help the company executives and sales representatives alike. Seeing your efforts visualized and actualized with the help of a CRM software can accelerate your company’s growth.

Custom CRM Vs. Pre-Packaged CRM

Searching for CRM on the internet will give you many options to choose from. Most of these CRM Softwares are based on the fundamental principle of tracking contacts, customer data, missed opportunities and orders. This will work for a business that doesn’t have special needs. But imagine this – if everyone is using CRM based on the same principle able to perform the same thing, what competitive edge do you have? None. This is where you need a custom CRM system. You need a CRM system that grows with your business, is customizable and is tailor-made to suit your needs. A CRM should actualize your vision for your business and should not be an off-the-shelf product that any of your competitors can get their hands on. With ASPER Software House CRM solution, you can have your own custom CRM software developed that will actualize your vision and help your business ASPER Software House CRM Solution will do more than saving time when it comes to customer relationship management. It will help your business grow by showing you all the key data your business functions on and guides you on how to optimize your business operations for a robust growth efficiently.

Why Custom?

There are services out there that advertise themselves as being the one-stop pre-packaged CRM solution. They might include everything you need at a reasonable price, but they might just lack one or two features that can help you get an advantage over your competitors. As explained earlier, your competitors can always buy the pre-packaged CRM available for sale. The only way to have an advantage here is to have your CRM that actualizes your own vision for business growth. Here are top reasons why ASPER Software House clients are motivated to get their CRM software built.

custom CRM software for small businessCustom CRMs cater to your business without fluff – Pre-packaged CRMs that are readily available in the market are packaged with a lot of unnecessary tools and features that your business might not need. These extra features and tools increase complexity. This increased complexity costs your business in terms of both money as well as time. Imagine you want a simple CRM system that handles your lead generation and customer data management activities but the CRM that is available is loaded with cumbersome and clunky modules like – marketing automation, social media integrations, etc. Now it is you and your team’s duty to figure out how to get rid of the fluff and implement the system in such a way that saves you the most money and makes you more productive. This takes more time and effort by your team to learn how to use the software for their purpose without being distracted by other modules. This can really cut your sales team’s productivity. With a custom built CRM software, you get exactly what you need without any unnecessary and clunky software additions. Since the CRM is designed as per your workflow and vision, it is easier to implement in your business routine. Your team finds it easy to work with as the CRM is designed with their requirements and workflow in mind.

Custom CRMs will put you in total control – One of the biggest disadvantages of pre-packaged CRM software is that they are built around someone else’s workflow. And if you want to use it, you will have to change your business’s workflow and re-learn the way you handle your business and customer data. This is where ASPER Software House Custom CRM Solution steps in. With a custom CRM software developed for your business, you don’t need to reinvent how your business work. You can stick to your business process that you have perfected after years of trial and error. With a custom CRM solution, you can effectively decide how to log data into the software and how it can be later fetched and used by your business to perform a robust service to your customers.

Is Custom CRM worth the cost?

Putting it tersely, ‘absolutely.’ Most people think that a bespoke CRM solution for their business is going to be costly. While there are others who think that taking their business online would involve huge cost and would be prohibitive to the business growth. But the fact of the matter is that this is not the case. In fact, custom CRM solutions are affordable and provide tremendous ROI as demonstrated by the 2014 research performed by Nucleus Research. If done properly, custom CRM solutions can start providing ROI almost immediately. You can, in fact, boost your business almost immediately by implementing a CRM.

ASPER Software House Custom CRM Solution was designed with small businesses in mind. We offer affordable and cost-effective CRM solutions that are easily customizable to suit your needs and can be incorporated into your workflow easily. Talk to us today to see how ASPER Software House can help your business grow with a customized CRM solution.

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