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SPRAWDZONYAGENT.PL - Lead Generation Website Design & Development for the real estate market startup

Lead Generation Website Design & Development


SPRAWDZONYAGENT.PL (which goes for “VERIFIEDAGENT.PL”) is an MVP where we were in charge of lead generation website design & development with WordPress for a team that is exceedingly experienced in the real estate market. Due to the opening of the real estate profession in Poland (because of the elimination of mandatory exams and licenses), non-professional agents joined the market. The SPRAWDZONYAGENT.PL team came up with the idea of developing a comparison website of real estate agents to provide comprehensive data about their work to the end user. Simple as that. They approached us to take care of their lead generation website design & development.


  • Present the general comparison listing in a clear manner.
  • Create an automated verification process that ensures the quality of reviews and ratings.
  • Create a lead generation website design where a client can monetize from lead generation in a double-sided way (as well from particular agents and from real estate agent chains).
  • Optimize possibly every piece of data for search engines.
  • Reduce the costs of an MVP implementation.



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We were in charge of a lead generation website design and development with WordPress for SPRAWDZONYAGENT.PL. We designed a listing that presents basic data and user ratings for each of the agents. Users are able to grab the contact details to agents right from the listing. This way, the users who want to do their research quickly don’t need to click through all of the profiles.

In this lead generation website design project, we made a custom verification process which saves cookies when a user looks up the agent’s contact details. If we remember him, we know that his review and rating are real. If we don’t remember the user or they want to leave a review but don’t have the contact details, they can provide the system with an e-mail or agent’s phone number. That way, we verify if they are real and can cope with fake reviews.

Conversion Optimization techniques are crucial in lead generation website design. When it comes to the business model, SPRAWDZONYAGENT.PL can deal with real estate agents per every lead that they bring. Due to the double-sided lead generation website design, every time a user wants to look up the contact details, he needs to fill out his data first. Then it goes to the agent as well as to the SPRAWDZONYAGENT.PL team, with additional data about the geographic region he was searching through. This way, they deal with a particular agent and build a database of customers interested in real estate services in the particular area where they can sell further as a lead database.

To possibly minimize the costs of an MVP implementation, we decided to work on this lead generation website design and development with WordPress including custom features and adjustments.


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  • ASPER created our startup MVP. We were impressed with their commitment, advice, and ideas, which had a huge influence on the final design and construction of the site. Working together was full of constructive solutions and was just a pleasure.

    Peter Piechota
    Peter Piechota Sprawdzonyagent.pl / CEO & Founder
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