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ZNIŻKI STUDENCKIE (STUDENT DISCOUNTS) is a group of marketers who have years of experience working in the area of digital, performance, and social media marketing. They developed a Facebook channel that’s garnered a valuable fan base of nearly 100 000 users.

ZNIŻKI STUDENCKIE chose ASPER to take care of their Coupon Website Software. The customer decided to seek further development and with our help built an advanced, dedicated platform. And from day one they started earning, mainly due to the pre-existing user base of nearly 100 000 potential customers from Facebook.


  • Build a website that stands out from the competition through design, letting the target group (students) easily identify with it – helping the client build their advantage over other market players.
  • Practically present available offers.
  • Effectively reach service providers that supply the website with discount codes and provide them with the right tools.
  • Provide a powerful backend with dedicated functions.
  • Handle an advanced algorithmic process of discount code distribution and allocation according to a number of factors.
  • Manage a large load of traffic generated from straight after the premiere date (ZNIŻKI STUDENCKIE has a loyal fan base of 100 000 users on Facebook).



technology audit
software roadmap


frontend software development
backend software development


frontend UX/UI design
backend UX/UI design


evolution development
bugfixes care

team members
wireframes and designs
days of instant coding


During the technological audit and while planning the software roadmap, we decided to build this coupon website software completely from scratch using the LARAVEL framework (PHP). This was the only way we could cover the needs of such an individual coupon website software and provide scalable growth in the future.

We built a unique web design based on an attractive visual identity, appealing more effectively to the target audience than the competition. We made the website easy to navigate, with clearly presented comprehensive data sets. On top of that, it’s all very intuitive to use on various devices thanks to Responsive Web Design. We built a special user level beyond the leading one for students. Service providers that supply this coupon website software with discount codes have their own panel with a specific wizard where they can add their offers or purchase promotional campaigns and monitor the results.

ZNIŻKI STUDENCKIE received an advanced coupon website software including a panel to analyze and support the activities of all touch points. They can moderate all content appearing on the site, maintain user support and relationships, or use advanced modules of marketing. We integrated our own effective optimization techniques in coupon website software that led to an increase in sales by over a dozen percent.


  • Cooperating with ASPER guarantees you complete professionalism, diligence, and quality. Knowledgeable experts, always willing to help you. I recommend ASPER without hesitation.

    Paul Michaluk
    Paul Michaluk ZNIŻKISTUDENCKIE.PL / Co-Founder
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